Ukraine freezes WebMoney bank accounts

webmoney2Late last week the Ukrainian Ministry of Incomes and Fees froze bank accounts of WebMoney in the Ukraine.

A search of WebMoney’s Keiv office allegedly revealed a number of regulatory violations.  It seems authorities are concerned that WebMoney was issuing electronic money without authorization from The National Bank of Ukraine.

Authorities seized computer equipment and “Over 60 million Hryvnas ($7.5 million) held in the bank accounts of companies which were part of in the illegal system,” according  to the Ministry of Incomes and Fees.

Update: WebMoney Ukraine resumes transactions.

WebMoney announces the addition of a Bitcoin purse

The Russian based online payment service  allows users to store their funds in different “purses”. For example WME for Euros and WMG for gold. The new purse, WMX, is denominated in Bitcoin where one WMX = 0.001BTC.

WebMoney has its own exchange to allow users to convert between the supported currencies. This change means that users will be able transfer Bitcoin(WMX) to any of WebMoney’s other denominations.

More details here.

WebMoney now available in Turkish and Portuguese

“The number of languages WebMoney Transfer system supports has been extended. Now websites, services and WebMoney applications are available in Turkish and Portuguese.”

“Moreover WebMoney users living in Brazil, Turkey, Portugal and other countries, which together number 70 mn citizens speaking Turkish and 200 mn of Portuguese speaking residents, now get financial and technical support provided in their native languages.”

WebMoney is now available in Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

From the WebMoney blog.