UK regulator will not require Bitcoin exchanges to register

CoinDesk is reporting that in a letter send to an exchange start up the UK, financial regulator HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)  has stated that the proposed exchange has no need to register under money laundering regulations.  However the letter does make it clear that HMRC may change their mind and require registration in the future.

Via CoinDesk

The letter from HMRC reads as follows:

“With reference to your enquiry at this time there is no requirement to register with HMRC under the Money Laundering regulations, however HMRC recognise that the issuing of Bitcoins represent an emerging development.

We are currently in discussions with HM Treasury concerning this market and whether HMRC will be a Supervisor for this market. HMRC will be watching any developments relating to the Bitcoin market and may change our view, therefore I would suggest that you regularly check our news and update section on our website at and sign up for our e-mail alert system at

If at any time HMRC recognise Bitcoins as a currency you would then have to register straight away without any prior correspondence from HMRC as this would be your responsibility to register should the ruling change regarding Bitcoins under the Money Laundering regulations.”


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