On the 17th the bank issued three values of bullion:

  • 31.1g silver pieces with a 3RUB face value
  • 7.78g gold pieces with 50RUB face
  • 15.55g gold pieces with a 100RUB face value

These bullion pieces are legal tender in the Russian Federation.

The announcement on the Central Bank of Russia’s website is, of course, in Russian.

However, if you trust Google Translator, below is an English summary of the announcement.


On the issue of investment appeal of precious metal coins

Department of External and Public Relations of the Bank of Russia informs that on 17 December 2012 in the framework of the monetary program “Sochi 2014″ Bank of Russia issues a bullion coins dedicated to the XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi: 3 Rubles silver, gold nominal 50 and $ 100, with the year of issue “2012″.

Each ‘coin’ is described, but at the end is the important bit…

“Выпускаемые монеты являются законным средством наличного платежа на территории Российской Федерации и обязательны к приему по номиналу во все виды платежей без всяких ограничений.”

In English…

The coins are legal tender cash payment in the Russian Federation and must be accepted at face value in all kinds of payments without any restrictions.