Bits and Pieces 27thSep12

The Keiser Report on Bitcoin, privacy and the counter-economy, true prices measured in gold, visualizing the world’s gold stock, a GoldMoney interview with Professor Pedro Schwartz and more.

Bitfloor boosts security and reopens with the promise to restore stolen funds as soon as possible.

Bitcoin Magazine reviews the Mega-Corporate and Government Attention on Bitcoin over the last year here, And they offer a summary of the London Bitcoin conference here,

It would seem that the Bitcoin conference brought about this interview on RT’s The Keiser Report with privacy extremist Frank Braun about “sneaker net and privacy, the libertarian case for bitcoin and a flourishing over the counter bitcoin exchange.”

Video Link

Check out Frank’s website

And view the slides from his talk at the Bitcoin conference “Bitcoin in the Counter-Economy” here,

Use Bitcoin anonymously with mixing services.

And Bitcoin is big in Finland

View charts showing the historical price of all sorts of things, in gold grams. I wish I had known about this website years ago! It might have helped me win a debate or two on gold and prices.

Visualizing the world’s gold stock.








James Turk conducts a 36min interview with Professor Pedro Schwartz. It’s an excellent lesson on the state of the European banking system.

Facebook asking users to tell them their friends real names?



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