Bits and Pieces 14thSep

BitPay passes 1,000 merchants, more Romeny/Bitcoin drama, the poor ‘opting out’ of banking, Spanish gold and hyperinflation.


BitPay, an automated payment processing system for Bitcoin, announced that they now have over 1,000 merchants accepting Bitcoin. “The sheer volume of new merchants has started to explode over the last month as more businesses begin to see the value in accepting bitcoin payments,”


There really isn’t anything about this Mitt Romney/Bitcoin ransom note story that I approve of. I’m not a fan of Romney, theft or ransom notes and Larry Flynt just creeps me out. But you’ve got to admit, this whole saga is very amusing! The plot continues to thicken.

Read Flynt’s post here,


Attention Digital Currency providers; your US market has grown by 8.2% as “more Americans have limited or no interaction with banks.” Beyond all the issues with fiat, the Fed’s banking system is inefficient and expensive. As such, more and more people who are struggling in a tough economy are simply ‘opting out’.


Money laundering rules are not only ineffective, but they hurt the poor. Just like the above story, these rules raise the price of banking and price a lot of people right out of the market.


As the Euro Tumbles, Spaniards Look to Gold “According to Marion Mueller, vice president of the Spanish Precious Metals Association (AEMP) … ‘Up until very recently, to speak about gold as an investment or as wealth protection insurance was grin-provoking. That is changing,’ … She notes that since 2010, when the Spanish economic downturn became inescapable, a growing tendency to invest in physical gold developed among Spanish investors, brokers, and financial institutions.”


John Williams of, discusses ‘virtually assured’ hyperinflation.

“the Treasury actually publishes financial statements that are based on generally accepted account principals, GAAP accounting, … You’re seeing an annual deficit right now of about 5trillion dollars per year. …  That’s beyond containment. You could raise taxes to 100%, take all peoples wages and salaries and you’d still be in deficit.”

“If you’re a politician and you raise an issue like that, you have to have a solution or you don’t get re-elected. … They don’t have a way out of this.“

“right now inflation is running above the Treasury bill so your losing money in real terms. … Yet, if you went out and bought canned goods you would probably make more on that over the next year.”



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